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Workshops and Seminars

The CRC/TR 63 offers many career-oriented skill sets for the members, especially women, to support their career.

Furthermore, female young researchers benefit from a special coaching program. Group coaching sessions help to enhance overall planning skills and discuss general issues that women are confronted with in their professional life, whereas in individual coaching sessions more targeted aspects of personal career development are addressed. Every female young researcher in SFB/TR 63 can make use of individual coaching twice a year.

Please get in touch with us for individual coaching!


Upcoming Workshops and Seminars to train your competences:


"Team dynamics & Team Roles (2 Days)"

Target group: female young researcher

Characteristics and duties of (project) teams and the resulting consequences for team communication in (project) teams.
Introducing team roles: reflection of my most common team roles according to self evaluation and test inventory.
Do’s & don’ts for the first 100 days in a new team.
Challenges of social group dynamics and how to overcome them: How can I step into a new team and take on my role?, How can I make sure I get heard in a team?, What can I do to support openness and trust when collaborating with.

Date and Place: 10./11. October 2019, TU Berlin


"Power Play (1 Day)"

Target group: female young researcher

Differences of power, influence and manipulation and their effects in team communication.
How to assert yourself as a woman and become accepted in a team/ by male co-workers.
Communicating ideas convincingly and effectively without being intimidated by others.
Express personal preferences and wishes with confidence and assert yourself in case of resistance.
The problem of saying „no“ at work and the underlying dynamcis (role/ hierarchy, level power, personal desire for harmony etc.).

Date and Place: 26. November 2019, TU Berlin


"Dissertation Planning (1 Day)"

Target group: female young researcher

Get focused on working at your dissertation plan and exchange ideas and experiences with the other PhD students.
Milestone Planning: What is the current status of my dissertation regarding topic, handling, experimental setting, publications etc.?, What are the next steps to set your research up for success?
Analyze your current time management skills and detect strengths and weaknesses in your planning
Time stealers and interruptions: What is hindering me in my daily routine and how can I create enough time for my dissertation project?
Creating balance between your teaching commitments (Lehre) and your PhD project.
Feedback/ meeting with your PhD supervisor: What/ when/ how often should you consider talking to your supvervisor?

Date and Place: 27. November 2019, TU Berlin



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