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"Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems"

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A4 Choice of solvent for selective control of kinetics and thermodynamics of chemical reactions

Sub-Coordinators: Prof. Dr. Gabriele Sadowski     Dr. Matthias Stein
Researcher: M. Sc. Froze Jameel

Solvents do have an influence on chemical reaction equilibria (and thus the yield) and the kinetics of a chemical reaction. In multiphase systems, the different solubilities of reactants and products will also have an effect on these.

We are using recent results from homogenous catalysis to selectively control and drive complex chemical reactions in solution by steering the thermodynamics (chemical equilibria) and kinetics (from transition state theory). By combining the results of an ideal quantum chemical model system and a realistic non-ideal system in terms of activity coefficients, such a control will become feasible. Finally, a suitable reaction media will be suggested to obtain the desired products.


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A3 (Hamel, Seidel-Morgenstern): Kinetics of reductive amination and hydroamination in reactive multiphase fluid systems

A9 (Sadowski, Enders): Solubilization of weakly polar compounds in micellar systems

A11 (Seidensticker, Vogt): Homogeneously catalyzed reductive amination of long-chain aldehydes and hydroaminomethylation of long-chain alkenes with integrated separation in thermo-regulated solvent systems

B1 (Sundmacher, Zähringer): Exchange of kinetic data and models, validation of the optimal solvent system as well as dosing and temperature trajectories on reactor and process level

B9 (Kienle, Sundmacher): Experimental validation of optimal solvent systems, optimal reactor design and operation for liquid multiphase systems

D1 (Engell, Sadowski, Sundmacher): Providing of simplified and mechanistic kinetic models for process development, optimization and evaluation of kinetics in a pilot scale plant, general rules for the evaluation of tandem reactions (multi-pot vs. single-pot synthesis)


Recent Publications

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