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Workshops and Seminars

The CRC/TR 63 offers many career-oriented skill sets for the members, especially women, to support their career.

Furthermore, female young researchers benefit from a special coaching program. Group coaching sessions help to enhance overall planning skills and discuss general issues that women are confronted with in their professional life, whereas in individual coaching sessions more targeted aspects of personal career development are addressed. Every female young researcher in SFB/TR 63 can make use of individual coaching twice a year.

Please get in touch with us for individual coaching!


Upcoming Workshops and Seminars to train your competences:


Workshop: Using charisma and personal presence for success - not just at work  (1 day)

Target group: young researcher

Become aware of your personal presence and how others perceive you
Best practice tips for positive leads in conversations through personal presence and charisma
Authenticity at work: Having a positive attitude without pretence

Max Plank Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, Magdeburg


Last updated:05-03-2020