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"Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems"

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A11 Homogeneously catalyzed reductive amination of long-chain aldehydes and hydroaminomethylation of long-chain alkenes with integrated catalyst separation in thermoregulated phase systems

Sub-Coordinators: Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Seidensticker     Prof. Dr. Dieter Vogt

Researchers: M. Sc. Jonas Bianga

State of the art

In the last research periods Carbonylation reactions of long chain olefins in thermomorphic solvents systems were investigated in project A1. Different influence parameters of the reactions and the solvent systems could be shown to have a distinct influence on yields, selectivities and leaching of the used metal catalysts.

Research goals

In the third funding period, the knowledge about the physical and chemical properties of temperature-controlled liquid/liquid multiphase systems (TMS) for efficient reaction control and recirculation of the catalyst in A1 will be transferred step by step to a new, untested homogeneous catalytic reaction. To broaden the product range, the introduction of nitrogen into petrochemical and renewable basic chemicals will be investigated in A11.

Fig 1:Reaction scheme from olefine to amine.

The key point will be the reductive amination of 1-undecanal with diethylamine. The Hydroaminomethylation (HAM) as a tandem reaction of hydroformylation and reductive amination of 1-decene leads in one reaction step to the same amine as the two-stage combination of these two reactions. Furthermore, the HAM of 10-undecenoic acid methyl ester will be investigated as an example of an oleochemical building block. The comparison of the single-stage tandem reaction (HAM) with the two-stage reaction approach as an important goal takes place in the second half of the funding period, so that a well-founded decision can finally be made for a single-stage or two-stage continuous process control.

Connected projects within Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 63

A2 (Schomäcker): Catalytic Upgrading of Long Chain Olefins by Hydroformylation and Hydroesterification in Surfactant Modified Multi Phase Systems

A3 (Hamel, Seidel-Morgenstern): Mechanistic and Kinetic Investigations of the Isomerization, Hydroformylation and Hydroesterification of Petrochemicals and Oleochemicals in Multiphase Fluid Systems

A4 (Sadowski, Stein): Reaction Kinetics and Phase Equilibria in Complex Mixtures

B1 (Sundmacher, Zähringer): Optimal Reactor Design and Operation for Liquid Multiphase Systems

B9 (Kienle Sundmacher): Integrated design of thermomorphic multicomponent systems (TMS) and separation processes for the efficient recovery of homogeneous catalysts and solvents

D1 (Engell, Sadowski, Sundmacher):  Fast model-based design of chemical processes with several liquid phases

D3 (Skiborowski, Vogt): Development and testing of integrated reaction and catalyst separation for the homogeneously catalyzed reductive amination and hydroaminomethylation of long chain alkenes in a miniplant

Recent Publications

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