Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 63

"Integrated Chemical Processes in Liquid Multiphase Systems"


Career-oriented skill sets for young scientists

The CRC/TR 63 supports young scientists in their careers. Especially the promotion of women scientists is particularly important because they are still underrepresented in MINT subjects. The CRC/TR 63 supports the research-oriented gender equality standards of the DFG and takes specific measures for the equality of scientists. The goal is to increase women's share of engineering and natural sciences. Therefore, the CRC/TR 63 addresses the specific interests of women in the different career stages, from the pre-university enthusiasm for a MINT-study to the support of young female students, to the targeted career support of young scientists on their way to a professorship.

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Inspire female grade and high school students for a science-oriented education

The CRC/TR 63 supports initiatives and efforts for female grade and high school students, in order to inspire those for natural sciences and engineering.

  • Schülerforschungszentrum Berlin e.V. at Lise-Meitner-Schule: InPROMPT supports the implementation of small research projects for girls
  • Conduct of internships high school students of the 10th grade, OvGU Magdeburg
  • Participation in the Girls' Day at TU Berlin: Presentation of the miniplant, TU Berlin
  • Techno-Club at TU Berlin: „Mischen (Im)possible“ - Trial project for girls supported by InPROMPT

Research visit abroad for supplementary studies

The CRC/TR 63 supports young scientists to learn e.g. specialised research methods, to gain international experiences and strengthening their network with experts. The research visit abroad is granted for a maximun of six weeks. In general, the scope of funding are round-trip travel (75 %), daily allowance (75 %) and lodging allowance (all in 30 EUR per night). Please contact us for more informations.


Work and Family

  • Parental leave - In Germany, each parent has an entitlement of parental leave, up to the third birthday of the child. After the parental leave the contracts of young scientists are extended by the respective time.
  • Supporting single parents -The CRC/TR 63 supports in justified cases single parents by extending the contract up to six months. Additionally, a student assistant is going to support the young scientist in science during the extended time to relieve the young single mother or father. 



Last updated:13-06-2022