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About us

Due to the shortage of fossil oil and gas, the chemical industry faces the enormous challenge of basing the resources used in the production of chemical substances on a broader stand. This includes the integration of renewable raw materials as feedstocks. Ideally, these resources should substitute organic chemicals in a way that the existing, highly complex networks for the production of chemical substances can remain unchanged. However, this is - at the present time - only a vision due to a lack of efficient production processes. Different sources of raw materials have to be investigated with respect to their potential to serve as substitutes. A group of materials that is currently under investigation in our Collaborative Research Center are long-chain olefins. At InPROMPT, a technical approach rarely used is pursued: the application of solvent systems with tunable properties. The long-term goal is to optimize these liquid-liquid systems in order to utilize them in multiphase chemical reaction processes.

Goals and Topics

The event is the beginning of a series of symposia that provide a platform for presentations and discussions of the current state of research. Invited talks will deal with the following aspects related to liquid/liquid- and liquid/liquid/gas-systems:

  • • Tunable solvents
  • • Homogeneous catalysis
  • • Reaction control
  • • Thermodynamic equilibria
  • • Separation processes
  • • Process design and optimisation

A series of acknowledged scientists have already confirmed for plenary talks.

Members of the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 63 will present their current research projects and take the opportunity to discuss the latest results with international participants.